Cervical Cancer Prevention Week 2015

25 - 31 January 2015

The week's focus is on all things to do with cervical cancer including information about symptoms and causes of the disease, ways to prevent it and support us.

Every day in the UK 8 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and 3 women will lose their lives to the disease. Cervical cancer is largely preventable thanks to cervical screening and the HPV vaccination programme. However uptake of cervical screening is now going down year on year. Early detection is also key in increasing survival rates and so educating everyone on the disease, its symptoms and ways to prevent it is key. Cervical Cancer Prevention Week provides us with an opportunity to do just that.

Whilst raising awareness across the whole of the UK, this year we explored in greater depth awareness amongst 20-29 and 60-64 year old women - these age groups represent the first and last ages which are invited for routine screening. Amongst those aged 25-29 year olds 1 in 3 fails to attend screening each year whilst screening rates are at a 16 year low amongst the older age group and incidence of the disease is now rising. We therefore wanted to target these women and raise awareness of the disease.

We are incredibly grateful to so many of our supporters who were active during the week, it made a huge difference to the impact we were able to achieve.

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20 Feb 2014