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Cervical screening (smear test)

Many people are nervous about going for cervical screening (a smear test), but we are here to help if you feel this way. Read our information using the links below and remember you can call our Helpline on 0808 802 8000 if you have any questions.

What is cervical screening? >

Learn what cervical screening is and who can have it. 

What happens during cervical screening? >

We walk you through what happens before and during your cervical screening appointment, including helpful tips to make the test better for you.

What happens after cervical screening? >

Find out what happens to the sample of cells taken during cervical screening. 

Getting your cervical screening results >

Find out what your cervical screening results mean.  

Cervical screening aged 24 or under >

Learn why cervical screening starts at age 25, and what to do if you are under 25 and have symptoms. 

Cervical screening aged 65 or over >

Learn why cervical screening stops at age 65, and what to do if you are over 65 and have symptoms. 

Cervical screening for people with a learning disability >

An EasyRead page about smear tests for people with a learning disability, their carers, guardians, and learning disability nurses.

Cervical screening after sexual violence >

If you have experienced sexual violence or are supporting someone who has, this bespoke information talks about adjustments that may help before, during and after cervical screening. 

FAQs on cervical screening >

We answer your common questions about cervical screening.

Date last updated: 
23 Oct 2018
Date due for review: 
23 Oct 2021

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