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The HPV vaccine

If you or someone you know are thinking of having the HPV vaccine, we can help.

What is the HPV vaccine? >

Learn about the different HPV vaccines available and what they protect against.

Who can have the HPV vaccine? >

Find out whether you can have the HPV vaccine free on the NHS or privately.

How is the HPV vaccine given? >

Understand how and where the HPV vaccine is given as an injection (jab or jag).

Side effects of the HPV vaccine >

Find out about any side effects of the HPV vaccine, including common and less common reactions.

HPV vaccine for boys and men >

Learn more about the HPV vaccine for boys and men.

HPV vaccine FAQs >

We answer your common questions about the HPV vaccine and signpost to further support.


Date last updated: 
23 Jul 2018
Date due for review: 
19 Jul 2019

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