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Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust is dedicated to supporting everyone affected by cell changes (abnormal cells) and cervical cancer, as well as answering your questions about human papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical screening (smear tests). 

The cervix >

Find out where the cervix is and what is does.


Understand more about HPV, how it affects us, and how it is linked to cervical cancer.

The HPV vaccine >

Find out more about the HPV vaccine, including who can have it and how safe it is.

Cervical screening >

Learn what cervical screening is for, what happens during the appointment, and some tips to make it more comfortable. 

Colposcopy >

Find out what happens at colposcopy and understand possible results.

Cell changes (abnormal cells) >

Understand what cell changes are, including the different types, and how they are managed or treated.

Cervical cancer >

Learn more about cervical cancer, including different treatments options.

Moving forward from a cancer diagnosis >

Understand how cervical cancer may impact your life and ways to cope with it. 

If you are a partner of someone with cervical cancer >

Find out how best to support a loved one with cervical cancer, as well as looking after yourself.

If you are a healthcare professional >

If you are a health care professional, we have a dedicated section with a wide range of content, best practice guidelines, and relevant links for you and your patients. You can also sign up for our quarterly healthcare professional e-newsletter.

Order information materials >

If you prefer printed information or want to download something to read in your own time, our free materials are available on our Shop. 



HPV vaccine

Cervical screening

Abnormal cervical cells


Cervical cancer

Moving forward

Being a partner

Health professionals

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