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Behind the headlines: Cervical screening in Wales

Categories: HPV | Wales | cervical screening

This week, the Cervical Screening Programme in Wales announced that it is changing. As of the 1st of January the routine screening interval for women and other people with a cervix in Wales aged 25 - 49 has moved from three to five years. We’re taking you behind the headlines to help you...

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Black Friday: gifts that give back

Categories: shop | blackfriday

What demonstrates Christmas spirit more than buying a product that also helps a cause that you care about? This Black Friday, if you’re shopping for the best deals for Christmas presents, why not also consider gifts that give back?

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"Their lived experience was key to shaping the series of films." Why does co-production matter?

Categories: cervical screening | learning disability

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Behind the headlines: HPV vaccine eliminating cervical cancer

Categories: behind the headlines | hpv vaccine

Our vision is that one day cervical cancer will be a thing of the past.

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Behind the headlines: Cervical screening incident in Scotland and what it means

Categories: Chief Executive blog | cervical cancer | cervical screening | behind the headlines

This blog has been updated from June 2021.

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Bros for Jo's: your stories

Categories: Fundraising

All our fundraisers are absolutely incredible. Many of them get involved after a loved one goes through a difficult time, such as having treatment for cervical cancer or cervical cell changes. Fundraising can help to turn a stressful situation into something positive. 

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"We need women’s voices and experiences to be centred and amplified": our response to the Women's Health Strategy consultation

Categories: Policy

The Department of Health and Social Care recently held a consultation period, seeking the views of individuals and organisations to help inform the development of the government’s Women’s Health Strategy.

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Let's talk about...smear tests when you have endometriosis

Categories: let's talk | cervical screening

For lots of women and people with a cervix, smear tests (cervical screening) are something that might feel a bit uncomfortable or embarrassing, but is over and done with quickly.

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Cervical screening after a 'near miss': our new Chief Executive shares her story

Categories: Chief Executive | cervical screening | cell changes

Sam Dixon became Chief Executive of Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust in May 2021.

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Cervical screening when you are visually impaired

Categories: cervical screening

Cervical screening (smear tests) can be difficult for women and people with a cervix with a physical disability. We hear from Sam Attwell, who set up Blind Since Birth U

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