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In 2019, I had a letter reminding me that my cervical screening appointment was due. My mum dragged me there!

This week is Cervical Screening Awareness Week, an opportunity to highlight the importance of cervical screening.

This blog post discusses living with an advanced cancer diagnosis. Take care while reading, and contact our support services if you want to talk.

Today is World Cancer Day. In her first blog as our Chief Executive, Rebecca Shoosmith discusses our vision: a world without cervical cancer.

Laura had cervical cancer in 2016, when she was 29. She had a hysterectomy to remove the cancer.

Treatment for cervical cancer depends on lots of things including the stage of the cancer, potential side effects, and the general health and preferences of the person affected. Going through treatment can be really difficult.

At the Christie Hospital in Manchester, staff tried to keep things as normal as possible for their patients when the

Lisa Williams is a physiotherapist from Belfast. In this blog, she talks about the often hidden challenges facing women recovering from cervical cancer and its treatments, and what physios can do to help.

Diane is a therapist and registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. In this blog, she explains what anxiety is and how you can manage it, as well as demonstrating some grounding techniques.