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Behind the headlines: How often are you invited for cervical screening?

Categories: cervical screening

You might have seen a story in the news today about how often women and people with a cervix are invited for cervical screening. This blog takes you behind the headlines to clear up what it’s all about and what it means for you. 

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The lowdown on cervical screening podcast

Categories: HPV; cervical screening; Scotland

Almost one in three in Scotland don’t attend their cervical screening. So we’ve team up with Capital FM Scotland on a new podcast series sharing tips and experiences. Joined by the amazing Katy J (Capital FM Scotland’s DJ) we spoke with a Consultant in Gynaecology, a Practice Nurse and four...

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Elimination of cervical cancer? It's possible within my lifetime

Categories: cervical cancer; Chief Executive blog

Since joining Jo’s in early summer 2021 it is fair to say it has been a whirlwind. I’ve seen first hand the impact of the pandemic on cervical cancer and prevention services and the income we rely on was badly hit. At the same time so much progress has been made

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Training, community and engagement: how the Tampon Tax Fund helped us to improve access to cervical screening

Categories: roadshow | cervical screening | HPV

Cervical screening can help prevent cervical cancer. Yet across the UK, on average, one in four women and people with a cervix do not attend their screening appointments. Among ethnic minority communities, this is even lower. 

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What's it like to live beyond an advanced cervical cancer diagnosis?

Categories: cervical cancer

This blog post discusses living with an advanced cancer diagnosis. Take care while reading, and contact our support services if you want to talk.

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Behind the headlines: cervical screening intervals changing to 5 years

Categories: HPV | Wales | cervical screening

The Cervical Screening Programme in Wales recently announced that it is changing. As of the 1st of January the routine screening interval for women and other people with a cervix in Wales aged 25 - 49 has moved from three to five years. We’re taking you behind the headlines to help you...

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Black Friday: gifts that give back

Categories: shop | blackfriday

What demonstrates Christmas spirit more than buying a product that also helps a cause that you care about? This Black Friday, if you’re shopping for the best deals for Christmas presents, why not also consider gifts that give back?

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"Their lived experience was key to shaping the series of films." Why does co-production matter?

Categories: cervical screening | learning disability

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Behind the headlines: HPV vaccine eliminating cervical cancer

Categories: behind the headlines | hpv vaccine

Our vision is that one day cervical cancer will be a thing of the past.

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Behind the headlines: Cervical screening incident in Scotland and what it means

Categories: Chief Executive blog | cervical cancer | cervical screening | behind the headlines

This blog has been updated from June 2021.

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