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"It begins to feel good to help others, to be the supporter not the supportee"

Categories: support | Volunteering | cervical cancer

Volunteering is a powerful tool. It can be a valuable resource, contribute to recovery or rehabilitation and satisfy a wide range of needs.

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"I met great people and made new friends thanks to this brilliant event"

Categories: cervical cancer | support

Catherine Cooke tells us about her experience of Let's Meet and why she's attending this year again.

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What is HPV testing all about?

Categories: HPV | cervical screening | Scotland | prevention | Policy

Today the NHS in Scotland has announced that it will be introducing HPV testing as the primary method for cervical screening from 2019, but what does this actually mean and how will it save lives?

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Over 4,000 miles and 9,000 conversations later...

Categories: campaign | awareness | prevention

We are extremely proud to say that not only have we achieved our goal for the Roadshow, but we have far surpassed it. 

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Our Reaction To The National Cancer Patient Experience Survey 2016

Categories: cervical cancer | Policy | Research

Last Friday the results of the annual National Cancer Patient Experience Survey were released.

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The HPV Vaccine – my thoughts on the JCVI’s announcement on extending it to boys

Categories: HPV | Chief Executive blog | Policy | Vaccination

Wednesday’s (19th July) announcement from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) was disappointing.

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9 things you didn’t know about your cervix

Categories: awareness

This Cervical Screening Awareness Week find out 9 things about the cervix. 

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"Volunteering for Jo's has been a cathartic and rewarding experience"

Categories: Volunteering | cervical cancer

I was diagnosed with stage 1B1, grade 3 cervical cancer in September 2015 following a routine cervical screening. I had never experienced an abnormal result before and had no symptoms to indicate anything was wrong.

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"I felt honored to be part of such a positive event"

Categories: Fundraising | guest blog | cervical cancer

In the summer of 2013 I was diagnosed with stage 3b cervical cancer. I had always been vigilant about having cervical smear tests and STI screening. As a nurse working in the community I had also been part of a team delivering the HPV vaccination.

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Help us reach the day where no woman dies from cervical cancer: Our manifesto for the General Election 2017.

Categories: cervical cancer | prevention | cervical screening | Policy

As a charity we are focused on the day that no woman dies from cervical cancer.

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