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My plea this Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

Categories: cervical cancer | cervical screening | Chief Executive blog

Our motivation and drive this year is stronger than ever. Why? Because we are seeing fewer and fewer women across the UK attending cervical screening (smear tests)...

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Why we care just as much about our volunteers as we do about our service users

Categories: Volunteering | cervical cancer

"We like to get to know our volunteers pretty well before they ever take their first call or run their first group" with the next volunteer training weekend on the horizon, Rebecca explains why it's her favourite event of the year

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How the Tampon Tax is helping us get closer to our vision of a future free from cervical cancer

Categories: cervical cancer | campaign

Find out about our plans for the £650,000 that Jo's has been awarded as part of the Tampon Tax

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Every Woman Should Have The Best Care Possible

Categories: cervical cancer | Research | Policy

Claire Cohen, our Head of Information and Education, talks about why our new report 'Cervical cancer stories' is so important.

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Menopause - what does it mean?

Categories: guest blog | cervical cancer

Some treatments for cervical cancer can trigger the menopause so we asked Heather Currie to give us an overview of what the menopause means.

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Let's Meet - "It's hard to pinpoint just what makes this event so fabulous"

Categories: guest blog | cervical cancer

Julia Tugwell explains in her guest blog why she attended her first Let's Meet shortly after finishing treatment for cervical cancer. 

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We know it's effective. So why is there opposition to the HPV vaccine?

Categories: guest blog | Vaccination

In our new guest blog David Robert Grimes, physicist and cancer researcher at Oxford University, gives his opinion on the HPV vaccine, the debate surrounding it and its role in protecting against cervical cancer.

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Why we decided to translate our cervical screening film

Categories: Research | cervical screening

Tackling the declining uptake of cervical screening is one of our biggest challenges at Jo's.

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"Since battling cervical cancer I have definitely had a new outlook on life"

Categories: Volunteering | Fundraising | guest blog

I volunteer my time to Jo’s whenever I possibly can to prevent other women from going through what I have and to ensure that anyone who does has access to the best information, support and care.

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The Cancer Strategy: Opportunities, challenges and why now is the time for action

Categories: Chief Executive blog | Policy

Last July, the

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