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Sophie Correia, Fundraising Officer

The gift of a lifetime

Posted on: Wednesday, 11th September 2019 by

We’re sharing a couple of fundraising love stories…

Posted on: Thursday, 14th February 2019 by

Today is Valentine’s Day where we show how much we love our significant others or friends. We aim to support everyone who is affected by cervical cancer, including the important people in their lives. We’ve been lucky enough to speak to a couple of men who have been through what may be the most difficult thing their relationship ever goes through. 

London to Paris cycle: It went from “I can’t do this” to “I can’t believe WE did this”

Posted on: Thursday, 8th November 2018 by

Last month, our Fundraising Officer Sophie took on the epic challenge of cycling from London to Paris over three days with 150 other amazing women, all who were taking to their bikes in the name of fundraising. Here she shares her experience. 

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