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Follow up colposcopy found extensive VAIN

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Follow up colposcopy found extensive VAIN

Hi, I haven't been on in ages!

I had a lletz in 2015, the colposcopy nurse at the time said there was a small area on the vaginal wall but didn't mention treatment and so I didn't think any more of it. I had my 6 month follow up and biopsies showed CIN1 so put on yearly colposcopies.

I've just got back from my first yearly colposcopy and while not a lot was said about my cervix, he said I have extensive VAIN which he has biopsied. My mind went a bit blank because the nurse was chatting away about the weather so I didn't really pick up a lot of what he was saying, but he was talking about possible surgery and removing some of the vagina.

Does anyone have any experience of this? Also how long is it for biopsy results? I forgot to ask! 



Hi Chocolatehobnob

I don't have personal experience of VAIN myself, only CIN but it is something I've researched into due to concerns i've had. 

I think it's a lot less common than CIN, but is increasingly occuring in women. Have a look on the forums at inspire - https://www.inspire.com/search/?group_id=&sec=all&query=vain

It's an american site, but I've found there's a lot more information and people seem a lot more knowledgable over there. I'd also recomend reading up on natural ways of fighting the HPV virus - responsible for causing the abormal cell changes. Read up on AHCC supplements and the study by Dr Judith Smith. We get told time and time again by doctors that there is no "cure" for HPV, but there is significant research into these supplements boosting the immune system to fight the virus and subsequently clearing any abnormal cells. They are expensive but I took them for 6 months, and am now clear of abnormal cells, so worth every penny in my eyes!

Oh and biopsies can take 4-6 weeks so they say... mine came back in 3 weeks so hopefully you won't have to wait too long. 

All the best :)


Hi HB8828, 


Imglad to hear you are getting better which AHCC brand did you use ? I was diagnosed with CIN I II III. :(


AHCC supplements they sound super I want to clear the HPV so much thanks will read up on these thanks so much 


AHCC supplements they sound super I want to clear the HPV so much thanks will read up on these thanks so much 


Hi, I'm a VAIN girl. Been dealing with it for quite a while now.  How did your meeting go? Has it been diagnosed? I'm here if you have any questions on treatment etc.

Good Luck x

June 15 High grade changes = 4th time

Dec 15 Total hysterectomy

June 16 Vault smear, VAIN 3 

Aug16 Aldara for VAIN 3 - didn't work :(

Dec 16 Met new consultant, more tests

March 17 Wide excision of large area of VAIN unclear margins

March 17 Post Infection, blood loss and more surgery & more infections

June 17 - Vault smear & biopsies - VAIN 3 again

November 17 refered to another consultant (i'm complicated so they tell me)

May 18 Vault smear and biopsies - Confirmed multi focal VAIN 3 in all of the Vault area

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