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Can anyone feel lumps with their finger?

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Can anyone feel lumps with their finger?

So I have been experiencing the most unmanageably heavy bleeding. I started taking Tranexamic acid and Norethisterone which seemed to get things under control. I have a doctors appointment to investgate what might be the cause and of course started the dreaded Dr Google search.

I had been merrily reading about hormones and fibroides and polyps etc... Now this morning around 4am, I woke up (which is very unusual for me) and just started reading about cervical cancer on my phone. I decided to have a rummage around my cervix myself and with the tip of my finger I can feel pretty sinister and substantial lumps and bumps to the left of my otherwise smooth cervix. It's like a soft little piece of fleshy califlower and after I touched it, it started to bleed.

So now I have been freaking out the whole day having read that things are quite advanced once they are visible outside of the cervix.

Fibroides seem to be inside the uterus, polyps seemed to be round in shape and coming out of the cervical opening.

Everything is pointing to invasive cervical cancer.

I have my pelvic exam appointment tomorrow and I just feel like cervical cancer diagnosis is inevitable. 

I need to get off the internet but as soon as I get busy with something, I think of another question and spend ages trying to find an answer.

Very worried.

So my question is can anyone feel cervical cancer?


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