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ASC- H smear results 3 months post radiation

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ASC- H smear results 3 months post radiation

Hi all,

My cancer journey has been short but eventful so I will boil it down to short points 

I was diagnosed with 1b1 cervical cancer in Nov 2018 after a negative smear and Letz.

Radical Historectomy Dec 2018.

Clear nodes and margins but slight LSVI.

External beam radiation for 5 weeks finished in May.

Ultrasound check up July ok.

Pap results in July say squamish cell ASC-H .  More testing required. 

I'm quite worried. 

Has anyone has similar experience? 

Is it a recurrence so soon? 





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I haven’t had a similar experience but I didn’t want to leave no comment. I’ll be honest I had to google ASC-H meant and from what I read it doesn’t necessarily mean cancer just abnormal cells so it wouldn’t be a recurrence if this is the case  

Having said that though this is why we get so closely monitored it’s good that they have found these cells so soon. Also I’m yet to have my first check up after treatment but I know that some of the ladies in here have mentioned that radiation can give weird results on a smear test so maybe it could be just that. Did your consultant explain the results to you?

Fingers crossed that it turns out to be nothing too serious  

Alice xx



Hi Alice

Thank you for taking the time to answer back.  It means a lot.  

I spoke to my Dr and she said that it is quite common to get this result based on radiation therapy and low estrogen from the sudden onset of menopause after the radical Historectomy.  I also have atrophy of the vagina which she said can also be the cause. 

I am going for some more tests next friday and hope that there is nothing sinister. 

It is so scary sometimes.  This forum is so great. 

Thank you again. 



Yes, I had the same result at my 3 month post treatment smear. After my 6 month one, it was normal again. I guess it just takes time for the cells to repair themselves. 

All the best x

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