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Endocervical adenocarcinoma with high grade squamous cells

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Endocervical adenocarcinoma with high grade squamous cells

I've recently been diagnosed with endocervical adenocarcinoma with high grade squamous cells by my gynecologist. And was told I was now being sent to an oncologist. ? I had went to e.r after being so sick for a week thinking I had the flu. Ended up a severe kidney infection. The c.t they gave me showed a 7cm teratoma on left overy was just seeing gynecologist for removal of that. During test....they found the endocervical adenocarcinoma....now I am waiting on oncology? I hadn't been to a dr in 16 years. My mind. And body just need to know. How long has everyone had to wait on an oncologist. And what should I be doing with my mind..... 

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You’ll see an oncologist rather swiftly. As far as what you can do, do NOT get on google. Stay away. You’ll convince yourself you’re dying. Enjoy life right now, and just try to be patient until all of this starts speeding along. It won’t be a long wait. Whatever your treatment plan is, it’s doable. Goodluck :) 

June 2016- pap, not up to date, results abnormal

Julyy 5th-  After followups diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma

July 12th 2016- Met with oncologist, clinically staged at 1b2, staging confirmed with MRI and PET. Tumor is endocervical and approx 7 cm.

August 2016- Started chemorads. Post followup after treatment, NED

Sept 2018- Still NED

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