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Repeatedly abnormal smear results and VAIN

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Repeatedly abnormal smear results and VAIN

Hi folks, not been on here in a while... most recent smear showed high grade CIN and the VAIN 3 I had removed 2 years ago is now back. Seeing specialist soon to discuss options. Can I ask, has anyone ever had a looong history of abnormal smears- where nothing was ever found on cervix during colposcopy? Also- if you have had this, have you had a hysterectomy and pathology found cancer? My team are now very nervous about my repeatedly abnormal results and are pushing for hyster, but it’s a big op if there’s no actual need for it?! They will prob move area of VAIN at same time.. oh the joys. Anyone with a long history of abnormal smears please get in touch and let me know the outcome. 

Thank you


Hi Nemo,

I do not have much I can say specifically to your situation but wanted to try and offer some support/friendly chat. I have had 3 LLETZ treatments for CIN II or CIN III. Everytime I have the treatment they claim clear margins but HPV still present, them at my 6 or 12 month check up the abnormal cells have returned. I’m off to colposcopy at 1:30pm today for them to have a look at my cervix again due to abnormal bleeding.

With regards to hysterectomy, my last consultant recommended it if abnormal cells returned due to a shortened cervix length and would not be able to tolerate anymore LLETZ treatments. However he left the hospital and my new consultant says I have “plenty” of cervix length left if LLETZ was required again. I won’t know the next course of treatment (if any) until after my appointment today. I think they will only suggest a hysterectomy if they truly believe it’s in your best interests. 

Hope you get some more responses, am here to chat if you would like to. 

C x


Hi Nemo

I have been having treatment every year for 5 yrs now for cin3 and vain3. This year as the cin3 has returned they have to do a total hysterectomy as i have little cervix left like you i dont want to have a big operation unless its neccessary but it seems i have no choice. I had vain3 3 yrs ago had treatment and as of yet it hasnt returned. Its difficult when you have had so much treatment and they decide you need hysterectomy but i guess and hope they know best.

All the best hope things work out for you



JoJo Tiffin

Hi Nemo,

I am in a similar position, have had four LLETZ treatments and hysterectomy has been raised, but I really want to avoid it if I can. Going in again on Monday and will see then. Also having lots of irregular bleeding and under a rapid access team as they just can’t figure out why.

I hope you have a good outcome.




I'm in the same position. All clear smears untill 3 years ago. I had cin3 and vain. 2 lots of lletz and silver nitrate and it's still there, so I'm now on the waiting list to have a hysterectomy within the nxt 6 mths. I was given the option to carry on with lletz etc but I'm at the point now where I'm fed up with the Constant circle of smear, colopscopy, treatment, repeat every 6 mths. The worrying mentally drains you. So for me this is the next logical step in beating this.

Look at all your options before deciding on what's best for you.

I had alsorts going round in my head, every possible scenario was just driving me crazy, it was the unknown that made it worse and then the "what if they missed something" kept popping in to stir things up. But now I've mentally prepared myself for the worst outcome and kinda have a plan written down incase that arises.

I found it helped me ease my worry if I knew that I was prepared for any situation. So I now just put it to the back of my mind.

Good luck with whatever route you take. 


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