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High grade severe, unsatisfactory colposcopy

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High grade severe, unsatisfactory colposcopy


Hi all

Received my smear result of high grade severe and was referred for a colposcopy a week later (last Thursday).  I've had nothing but questions in my head since and I know there's only 1 answer and that won't arrive until my Lletz results are through.


I'm still going to post though to see of anyone has has similar.


So I went for my colposcopy and the very nice lady said what she could see looked normal.  She did say however she couldn't see everything and that my colposcopy was "unsatisfctory".  She performed a lletz on the basis that although all looked normal she couldn't see higher in and as the smear said severely abnormal there must be something in there.  I'm now worried and confused.  How can all look normal but have a severe result from smear?  Unless it's higher up and can't be seen.  If this is the case it could have been there for years undetected by smears.


 Has anyone else had a severe smear result but nothing detected on colposcopy?


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hi, i hope youre okay.

i may be a little ignorant here but im wondering why they would do a lletz if they couldnt see anything on the colposcopy? I would have thought a biopsy or two would have been enough to send off for more testing. if anyone else knows more about this, then i apologise, but thats just my thoughts.


i have seen that some ladies get told they have these changes on smears but then nothing on colposcopies. they either get a biopsy or another check in a few months. 


im sorry im not much help. i really hope your lletz biopsy comes back clear x

Feb 2016 - First smear - clear

March 2018 - Started bleeding after intercourse, referred for colposcopy

May 2018 - Colposcopy and punch biopsies  - biopsy clear

30th May 2019 - Smear (still bleeding after intercourse)

15th August 2019 - High grade dyskaryosis

21st August 2019 - colposcopy and LLETZ to remove precancerous cells 

2nd October 2019 - CIN2 & 3 

3rd March 2020 - Follow up smear and colposcopy

20th April 2020 - All clear, no HPV



I think they probably did the Lletz as she couldn't see all my cervix and was thinking there must be something hidden.  With the severe diagnosis it was pretty much assumed the Lletz was going to happen.

I suppose there was also the thinking that I'm done having kids etc so a more thorough approach was taken.


Hi, I'm in a very similar situation. When I went for my colposcopy. I was told my cervix looked okay but thats not  what my  the smear results reflect . I have ectropion of the cervix which was visable on the camera. My smear test came back grandular neoplasia? Which is normally in the canal going into the uterus (I'm led to believe). Would this be seen during a colposcopy. I had the lletz procedure 3 weeks ago today and awaiting the results.

I'm so stressed at the moment, one minute being positive and then the next fearing the worst. 

Hope you get your results quickly and everything is okay. 


Julie Ward 


Hi Julie

Sorry to hear you're in this awful waiting situation too.

It's so confusing, my letter didn't say anything about what type just that it was severely abnormal.  Which makes me more confused as I've heard the same thing about your result and it being higher up.  If my colposcopy was normal lower down then the problem must be higher up, so why no diagnosis like yours.

Just like you sometimes I'm what will be will be, chances are low.  Other times I'm booking my will appointment and wishing I'd taken out critical illness insurance as well as life.


My experience is similar however I didnt receive LLETZ at colposcopy.  They performed three punch biopsies at colposcopy and then two weeks later I had LLETZ under GA.

I'm now awaiting the results.


Good luck.


Borderline changes Jan 19

Moderate/severe dyskaryosis Jul 19

Colposcopy Aug 19 -no abnormality visible. Biopsy taken.

End Aug 19 pre cancerous cells. Awaiting treatment information.

LLETZ performed 10/9/19 - awaiting results


Ok so a sneer is merely a screening tool and not a diagnostic test

a colposcopy means the dr can actually see what he’s looking at.  However everything can look normal but actually not be normal so a biopsy or lletz is taken so that a lab can analyse your cells

if you are older your cervix can be harder to physically see 

your smeer shows high grade but looking was inconclusive, your not wanting kids so no harm in doing a lletz ... if they did a biopsy and it showed abnormal they’d still do a lletz .  So you’ve just skipped the biopsy.


as to the “how long has it been there “. No one can answer that ... if you’ve had previous smears  and all been ok then you can only assume since your last one.


i have high grade cgin ... never had an abnormal smear ... ever... my trip to gynae was prompted by bleeding 

Jan 19

trip to gynae due to irregular bleeding over a number of years ... silver nitrate unsuccessful 


april 19 colposcopy booked for cold coagulation gynae disagreed with this treatment and took biopsy 


may19. Biopsy results high grade CGIN


june 19 lletz performed .. minimal bleeding after lower back pain after 10 days

August 19 unclear margins September referral to mdt .. September 19 hysterectomy recommended November 19 keyhole hysterectomy (ovaries kept)

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