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Still NED !!

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Still NED !!

Hi everyone 

I just wanted to share that my recent CT was NED . I am approaching 4 years NED after recurrence . I love to hear everyone's positive stories as it gives me hope so thought I'd share mine.  Next check up February 2020.  

First diagnosed 2013 1b1 Adenocarcinoma , had radical hysterectomy. No other treatment.

2015 after a CT , diagnosed recurrence to left ovary. More surgery to remove ovary followed but chemo & radiotherapy.  At the time my Oncologist said " if I were a betting man it will be back " his words have never left my head and I've kind of been expecting this cancer back , BUT ..... Still NED !! Hence to say  I have changed my oncologist , I know they have to tell the truth but his general bed side manner was awful , he made me feel like I hadn't long left , anyway onwards and upwards making the most of every day being alive .

take care all xx 


So happy to hear this Greeni. I hope you are celebrating this weekend. 


Tess xx 

27/04/13 Smear severe Dyskaryosis.14/05/13 Colposcopy 24/05/13MRI Scan 31/05/13 diag CC stage 1B1 grade 2 Adenocarcinoma, Cold knife biospy under GA 19/06/13 CT scan and blood test Rad hyst booked for 11/07/2013. Histology found microscopic node involvement.  No further treatment required / wanted. All clear 05/08/2013. March 2019 recurrence, starting chemo rads 15-04-2019

September 2019
Recurrence, now palliative


Thanks so much for sharing, it’s stories like yours that give so much hope. Enjoy the celebrations, massive hugs xxx 

May 19 odd symptoms

03/06/19 doctors appt internal exam, said everything looked fine, did smear. 

10/06/19 urgent colposcopy due to HPV positive and severe changes. 

21/06/19 consultant sees 2cm tumour takes punch biopsies. She’s pretty sure it’s cc.

24/06/19 cancer confirmed, grade 3 preliminary staging 1b.

03/07/19 X-ray. 08/07/19 MRI and PET scan. 10/07/19 MDT meeting

15/07/19 restaged 2b parametrial invasion no lymph node involvement.

16/07/19 treatment 5 1/2 weeks chemorads

18/07/19 planning MRI 26/07/19 preassessment Chemo

05/08/19 chemorads start

11/09/19 chemorads end!!!! 

16/09/19 Brachy

19/09/19 DONE!!!! 

Anna Sparkles
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Amazing news xx

Diagnosed with CC 1b2 with Lymph Node involvement in April 2013. Chemoradiation with Brachytherapy. May 2014 Reoccurrence to lungs restaged 4b. Taxol / Carbo / Avastin


Hi Greeni

Thats amazing news & so good to hear.  I had 1b2 Adenocarcinoma in 2017 and then a recurrence to my ovary in 2019.

Really hoping I can be like you & Anna Sparkles!  I finished treatment in July & got another scan in Sept. Nervous!

Thank you for sharing such a positive story.

Best wishes xxxx




Wishing you all the best for your future , I'm keeping everything crossed for you, I was told it's very rare for recurrence to happen to the ovary , feel free to PM me if you have any questions.  

Best wishes xx 


Fantastic news! Gives us all hope xxx


Fantastic news! Gives us all hope xxx


Great news thanks for sharing, I too have a oncologists with a bad bedside manner. He just scares me sometimes, maybe too honest I don’t know. When he told me I had lymph node involvement, the way explained it I thought I was doomed but my other two doctors were really good and helped raise my spirits. I have my first scan in November and I’m nervous, but they said after that it will just be pelvic exams .so that kind of makes me nervous how will they know if it spread somewherelse beyond the cervix in the future.

  • 01/22/2019 abnormal pap results 
  • 04/04/2019 colposcopy/ punch biopsy 
  • 04/15/2019 diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma stage 1b2 6cm tumor 
  • 5/10/2019 egg retrieval surgery. 2 eggs retrieved and frozen 5/23/2019. 5 slit laparoscopic lymph node removal surgery and ovary transposition. 1pelvic lymph node involvement, bumped up to stage 3
  • 6/19/2019 started radiation and chemo
  • 8/5/2019 4 brachytherapy. Finished cancer treatment 25 radiation 5 chemo and 4 brachytherapy,Awaiting scan in November 
Pet scan results NED 11/13/19
Leanne gilfillan

That's fab news 

Leanne gilfillan

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heres to many many many more NED'S

your doing fab 

love Michelle xx 


Great news! Congrats xx

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