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First colposcopy

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Mrs D
First colposcopy

Hi all

First post here. After having an abnormal smear and HPV in may I have my first colposcopy this Thursday. Am feeling very nervous, can anyone tell me what to expect? How long it takes and will they do treatment on the day if needed?

Thanks xx 

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hello, hope youre okay.

I would imagine it all depends on how abnormal your smear was?

if low grade changes then they could just take a look and see you again a few months or take small biopsies to be tested.

if higher grade changes, they may perform lletz or book you in for a lletz in the coming weeks. 

colposcopies usually only take a few minutes and nothign to worry about. 

biopsies are fine, if you need that. usually they get you to cough when they do it so you dont feel anything.

lletz are a bit more complicated as you need local anesthetic which can sting but that only lasts a few seconds before your numb. the procedure takes a few minutes.

it all sounds very daunting and overwhelming. but i promise you, it always seems worse than it is when you initially get told these things. 

i hope things go well for you :) x

Feb 2016 - First smear - clear

March 2018 - Started bleeding after intercourse, referred for colposcopy

May 2018 - Colposcopy and punch biopsies  - biopsy clear

30th May 2019 - Smear (still bleeding after intercourse)

15th August 2019 - High grade dyskaryosis

21st August 2019 - colposcopy and LLETZ to remove precancerous cells 

2nd October 2019 - CIN2 & 3 

3rd March 2020 - Follow up smear and colposcopy

20th April 2020 - All clear, no HPV




I fully agree with Roodle. They are nothing to worry about, they are there for a reason, that reason being it may just save your life. Please do not worry, it doesnt hurt. Even if you have treatment it will only be a little discomfort and nothing more than period pain after.

If you have any concerns over anything you can always ask on here or call the helpline.



  • 5th June 19 - smear
  • 15th July - High grade dyskaryosis/?invasive carcinoma 
  • 23rd July - colposcopy, LLETZ biopsy taken
  • 6th September - Met the consultant to discuss results. Stage 1A2 confirmed, unclear margins on biopsy. Unable to perform 2nd LLETZ due to alot of cervix being taken away on previous biopsy.
  • Hysterectomy booked for 15th October
  • Pre-op done 11th October, all good to go for next week!

Total Hysterectomy completed with ovarian conservation. Waiting for pathology report.

All clear - vault smear due in 6 months

May 2020 - Vault smear shows HPV positive, cytology clear but booked for another Colposcopy

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