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GP won't prescribe diazepam or sedative for cervical biopsy

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GP won't prescribe diazepam or sedative for cervical biopsy


I've had two colps previously with two/three biopsies each time. Each one ive found equally traumatic, invasive and really painful. I rang up the colp clinic this week to ask advice for how nervous I feel. Nervous isn't really the word actually, I won't allow them to take a biopsy this time without any form of sedation because of how traumatic  I've found them previously. So on the phone the nurse said for me to see my GP and request diazepam. I went today and my GP flat refused on the basis that she doesn't agree with prescribing diazepam for such procedures as she doesn't know how i would react to it, and doesn't believe you should be on diazepam when you're having a procedure like that and are "vulnerable".

I understand her reasoning but I won't let them take one without anything. So where do i go from here.  I can go for the colp but wont really know how much has changed without having a biopsy if i need one. 

Has anyone ever been prescribed diazepam through their GP or through the colp clinic, or has anyone ever requested sedation for a biopsy? I know it's dramatic but actually people are given diazepam for colonoscopies so I don't really see how this is much different? 

4 colposcopies over 2 years moderate-severe dyskaryosis 

May 20 LLETZ 

Awaiting results



I would say the best thing is to speak to the colp team. They will be able to help you. It try speaking to another doctor at your surgery.


  • 5th June 19 - smear
  • 15th July - High grade dyskaryosis/?invasive carcinoma 
  • 23rd July - colposcopy, LLETZ biopsy taken
  • 6th September - Met the consultant to discuss results. Stage 1A2 confirmed, unclear margins on biopsy. Unable to perform 2nd LLETZ due to alot of cervix being taken away on previous biopsy.
  • Hysterectomy booked for 15th October
  • Pre-op done 11th October, all good to go for next week!

Total Hysterectomy completed with ovarian conservation. Waiting for pathology report.

All clear - vault smear due in 6 months

May 2020 - Vault smear shows HPV positive, cytology clear but booked for another Colposcopy


I did, I took two and I didn’t feel anything! My cells are inside of my cervix so had to have the lletz anyway as no way to do biopsies. I was traumatised from previous biopsies. I ended up having the lletz under GA within the same week. I also opted to be sterilised at the same time so that’s taking my mind of my sore cervix. I do think the biopsy gave me more discomfort after than the lletz did if I’m honest. I did have the colposcopy but my surgeon was top and she didn’t do anything I wasn’t comfortable with. 


I would suggest just going letting them have a look, let them know how scared you are of the potential biopsy’s or treatment. And see what they say from there. You can opt to have GA and they can treat at the same time and then it’s done no need for biopsies as they can just send the tissue off that they did the lletz on. 

08/2016 - Moderate dyskaryosis biopsy CIN 1 focal CIN 2. 

12/2016 - Improvement

on colposcopy seen.


08/2017 - cell reduction seen on colp. Smear nuclear borderline cell changes

08/2018 - clear smear, no visible cell changes.

08/2019 - back to moderate dyskaryosis. 

09/2019- colp showing cell changes inside cervix.

Lletz within same week + elected sterilisation (tubes removed.


Awaiting lletz results.   


Hey thanks for your replies :) I really appreciate having someone to vent too because to be honest having 6 month check ups looming over me does cause me anxiety.

So i spoke to a lovely nurse on the phone who advised me to tell them at the start of my appointment that I don't consent to a biopsy but am happy for them to do the rest. This will give a fair enough idea of changes and if it's cleared up or got worse. If it looks similar I will stick with 6 month colp/smear. 

If it looks worse I will take it from there and think about my options, but no more unnecessary biopsies :) I feel so much more at ease with this, because at my previous appointment I was led to believe that they couldn't accurately tell without having a biopsy. The nurse on the phone said they could use the smear and their own clinical judgement to give an accurate enough idea. 

I feel annoyed that I was pressured into have one last time as I did find it really traumatic, but now I feel more confident to flat out refuse. 

Thanks again, I will keep you updated if that's okay. As I said it's nice just having somewhere to share my experience xx

4 colposcopies over 2 years moderate-severe dyskaryosis 

May 20 LLETZ 

Awaiting results

very worried

how did you get on i know it,s easy to say but i think you should complain you needed it other doctors would of prescribed it one of my brothers had diazepam for a vasectomy

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