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Can anyone help me with surrogacy questions?

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Can anyone help me with surrogacy questions?

Hi, I haven't been on here for ages, I was diagnosed 6 years ago, had chamoradiatio, and so far so good I'm still all clear, however I  married this year, which is great and am happy, but there is a big part of my happinesss missing and that is to have children, my best mate has said to me she would be surrogate for me, which is amazing, but I'm just confused where to go now, do I do to my doctor or consultant at hospital? Were hoping we could use my partners sperm, but if for some reason that wasn't possible, is it possible to get both? My friend has said as she has 3 young babies and no longer wants anymore, that she would be prepared to use her eggs if there was a higher chance of the baby surviving, which is so kind of her and I'm forever greatful for her offering, can anybody help me on this, and whether anyone knows if there's help with funding etc, I know it would be a longish process, but am so ready for this now

stage 2 of cervical cancer, lymph node removal positive, finishing chemoradiation on 2nd feb


Hi, congratulations on being 6 years clear!! I saw a fertility specialist before my radical hysterectomy which gave me some useful information. I'd contact your gp first of all, book a double appointment with you and hubby to discuss it and they will probably refer you to a specialist. A useful website to look on is http://www.surrogacy.org.uk I've not been through it myself, but have been looking into it as an option to having a second child. Wishing you all the very best. , Jade xx

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10/10/2013 Total Laparoscopic Radical Hysterectomy, transposition of ovaries and pelvic lymph node dissection

25/10/2013 Given all clear


thankyou Jade and to you xxx

stage 2 of cervical cancer, lymph node removal positive, finishing chemoradiation on 2nd feb


My sister and her husand gad their surrogate fro georgia I am not sure about the funding process but they had it done there successfuly. As far as I know they were referred by this company named PlacidWay to one of the Centers in Georgia and they spent $29, 000 USD for the surrogacy package.


Hi, girls)

I also need help with surrogacy. Maybe someone underwent surrogacy! Please, give an advice according to the clinic with affordable price.

Recently, my husband and I took a consultation with the Biotex`s experts. The price is really tasty (around 30.000 euros) but we didn’t like the atmosphere there at all. The lines to the doctor`s office were really exhausting. But we want to have a more comfortable visit during the surrogacy.

Please, can someone give any information about the clinic, cost and so on? We desperately want to have a baby.


Thanks, everyone for any information


Hi Hilda,

My son was born through surrogacy. We joined surrogacy uk - our Surrogate was allowed reasonable expenses.  It took three ivf attempts. 1st trying to collect my eggs with our surrogate, 2nd with an known egg donor and our surrogate and finally we went abroad anonymous egg donor and our surrogate. 

Im a teacher and my husband works in a call centre - we found the process expensive and will be paying for it for a while yet but wouldn’t change it for the world. My little boy is 2 in January. 

Where about s are you based? Have a look on the SUK website there’s lots of usfull info there or if you’d like to chat more I can message you. 

Vikky we

Hello! Maybe this information will help you: we found a surrogate mother in Ukraine, there is a good clinic in Kharkiv, which specializes in reproduction: Professor Feskov's clinic A.M.

First, my friend was treated there, she followed the IVF protocol there. We had no way out, except for surrogacy, it is their specialization. They have described in detail the cost and steps of the procedure on the website. The prices for surrogacy are quite affordable.

When we arrived, we were placed in a cozy hotel, the food was also delicious, the city of Kharkov is very clean and pleasant. Doctors at the clinic are attentive and friendly. There is nothing to complain about))) Our mindset was very purposeful. As a result, our son is now 5 months old! There were no problems with the departure at all, all the documents are prepared by the clinic. I wish you luck and a healthy baby!


Hi Vikky!


Thank you for this! So happy to hear that you had a successful surrogacy story (first one I’ve read so far). I’m currently taking my IVF drugs hoping to collect embryos with my partner just before my treatment will kick in. I’m beyond exited reading about surrogacy prices being around £25-30.000 rather than the US £100.000 mark.


Thank you for sharing!!!! :)!

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Hey, thought I would add another positive surrogacy story.

I was a surrogate, giving birth in November 2017.

My IPs, the parents, have said they they have spent almost £30,000 on IVF and surrogacy so far. This includes creating 11 embryos, using 3 themselves (and unfortunately failing), and my expenses as their surrogate (including one failed natural cycle and 1 successful fully medicated cycle). 

They are currently at the start of another surrogacy journey with another lady, transferring in a couple of weeks. 

A surrogate in the UK cannot be paid for this, but can claim reasonable expenses relating to the pregnancy.

The surrogate has to register the birth as she is initially classed as the legal mother. Her husband, if she is married, must also go on the birth certicate. If not, then one of the biological parents may go on as second parent.

After the baby turns 6 weeks old, but before 6 months, the IPs must apply for a parental order. This can take a few months to process and involves visits by a CAFCASS officer and trips to family court (not as scary as it sounds!). Then the parental order is granted, giving the IPs full parental responsibility and then a new birth certificate is issused with their names on as parents. 

Happy to help anyone further if anyone wants any more info :) x

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21st August 2019 - colposcopy and LLETZ to remove precancerous cells 

2nd October 2019 - CIN2 & 3 

3rd March 2020 - Follow up smear and colposcopy

20th April 2020 - All clear, no HPV


Great news to be 6 years all clear! I see that you had lymph node involvement as well, so that really gives me hope for the future. Good luck on your journey and hope everything turns out well.

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  • 6/19/2019 started radiation and chemo
  • 8/5/2019 4 brachytherapy. Finished cancer treatment 25 radiation 5 chemo and 4 brachytherapy,Awaiting scan in November 
Pet scan results NED 11/13/19

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