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I've recently had a LLETZ and after this I received a letter from the colposcopist to advise that they don't think they removed all the abnormal cells and would like to offer a 2nd treatment. With a second treatment there are high risks of premature childbirth and as they only think they need to do it again I'm really unsure. 
Has anyone else experienced this? Wondering if I'm best having a smear again before a second treatment to avoid possible unnecessary implications if nothing comes up. 
Any advise would be appreciated I'm driving myself mad worrying about this ☹️ X

C Cantrell



I had my 2nd LLETZ three weeks ago. I was asked to come back as they found recurrent CIN2 and 3 so felt best to re-treat. I am TTC in a few weeks once I am post recovery, and also have the same worries. You're best to get treated, look after your health. My consultant advised the risk of pre term/miscarriage is, although slightly higher than someone who hasnt had their cervix tampered with(!) is still a VERY low risk. I took the risk, knowing that if I do get pregnant, I'll be moniotred closely and will likely get a cervical stitch. It really depends how much they take from your cervix, how long it is once they have taken cells out and therefore how incompetent it is in terms of childbearing.

Let me know how you get on! x


30.01.19 routine smear
15.2.19 high grade moderate dyskaroysis found on smear
21.2.19 colposcopy and LLETZ to investigate
28.2.19 CIN 1,2 and 3 found and excised. Positive margins but follow up in 6m.
23.8.19 6 month follow up, colposcopy and further biopsy of transformation area
29.8.19 recurring CIN2 and CIN3 found on biopsy
23.9.19 2nd LLETZ 
10/10/19 0.5mm left behind post excision, no malignancy or CGIN found, colp/smear FU planned in March 2020


Hi Charlotte, 

I had two LLETZ treatments and got pregnant afterwards. I was monitored throughout my pregnancy with internal ultrasound scans which measured the length of the cervix and they use a stitch if it looks like it isn't going to hold to full term. I ended up spending most of the pregnancy being a bit worried about an early birth and then it turned out I had to be induced at 12 days overdue as there was no sign of her coming!


05/09/16 first smear - colposcopy & biopsies taken - letter received - no cancer found but treatment for abnormal cells required - LLETZ - hosp appt - cervical cancer diagnosed - MRI - staged at 1b1, squamous, LVSI present - LLETZ & EUA - LLETZ results appt - cervix clear of cancer - lymph node removal - 17/02/17 lymph node results appt - nodes clear of cancer - in remission :)

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