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Colposcopy and mri

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Colposcopy and mri

Evening all, after a little advise.
I had hysterectomy 5 years and ask and was told they took everything apart from ovaries.
I have been having few issues recently with pelvic pain and bleeding.
I was refereed for colposcopy and they took a biopsy and arranged for me to be back in clinic within 2 weeks, he during examination he thought he could see some cervix or a growth.
The following day I took a phone call for an mri for the following week.
Really worried at the pace it has all happened.
Backed tomorrow for all the results, has anyone else had anything like this before ?



How did you get on? I'm waiting for my results, doctors have said they think it is cancer so I was also sent for an urgent MRI. 

I hope you are doing ok x

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