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20 and needing a colposcopy

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20 and needing a colposcopy

I'm new to this forum but was hoping for a bit of advice...
Since April/May 2019, I have been having bleeding after sex, sometimes lasting just a day, sometimes up to 2 weeks after, this has continued even now in January 2020.
Of course, when it had happened a few times, I went to see my GP, who did the usual routine checks for STD's and infections, which came back clear. I then saw the gynaecologist in my surgery, who completed a pelvic exam, and said she could not see any evidence of micro tears, polyps or cervical erosion (which she said she would have expected in a girl my age). I bled for 3 weeks after this exam, and was then sent for a transvaginal ultrasound. Again, they could not see any problems involving my ovaries, and sent me back to my GP, who gave me an urgent referral and then told me it would be a hormone imbalance, but to have the referral regardless.
Unfortunately, my referral appointment was given to me on the day of my university exam, so I had to have it changed, and it came back as May 2020 (over a year since it all started!).
When I went back to uni (leaving my boyfriend at home), the bleeding stopped until I saw him again in December, and it begun again, so I am certain that sex is the trigger. I saw my GP at university, and she said due to my persistent symptoms for 9 months now, and the number of things we have ticked off, she wants me to have a colposcopy and biopsy taken. She said she is certain it has never been a hormone imbalance, and my appointment at the hospital has moved to the 10th of February, but she is trying to ask them to move it forward again based on the requirement of a colposcopy.
I know I am super low risk because of my age, but my family history of cancer is working against me massively, and I am just worrying about what else is could possibly be?! Does anyone have a similar experience? And what is the biopsy like? I am 250 miles away from my home so I can't have my mum with me and I am just overthinking trying to find answers besides the worst case scenario :(.
Thanks in advance and thinking of everyone fighting this awful disease xxx


Hello smile

I am new as well. I am sorry about what you are going through and I am afraid I cannot offer any answers just support. I am in a similar position to you, I'm 21 and I've been given an urgent refferal to the colposcopy clinic. I am super worried even though I know it is a really low chance. 

 Have you got a friend who can go with you? Even if they just sit outside? I am sure support will be good no matter the outcome. I've got someone coming with me just to keep me company before and after the appointment so I don't sit and work myself up into a tizz.

Have you read some of the stories on the website? They have calmed my fears of the colposcopy and anything else that might happen. Remember though, it is unlikely, and theres nothing we can do until we have had the appointments!

I know its hard but do try not to overthink, take it a day at a time. I am distracting myself with whatever works and talk to my friends/family about my worries. I am constantly being told that I should just wait until the appointment before jumping to conclusions but it is hard. 

Look after yourself and make sure you get yourself a little treat! I really hope you find out the cause and feel better soon. 

Fingers crossed your GP gets the appointment moved, the waiting is really hard.

Hope you've managed to have a good weekend. 

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