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HPV+ and abnormal cells

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HPV+ and abnormal cells

Morning everyone, just wondering if anyone has been in the same boat...


My first ever smear at 25 showed abnormal cells. During the colposcopy they removed the cells via lletz. A year later I received the all clear.

2017 I  had a clear smear. 

January 2020 abnormal cells and HPV. 

Colposcopy this week showed two areas on inner cervix which were abnormal. The nurse was lovely but wasn't interested that I'd previously had cells removed under another hospital trust. She has sent me away to wait a year before returning for another smear. 

Is this common practice? I'm full of anxiety that in a years time it will be worse and wondering why they just won't treat it now. 


Also, has anyone ever paid for the hpv vaccination privately?







HPV Pos + Abnormal smeal = Colposcopy. I would tranfer for a second opinion. 

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