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Brown discharge

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Brown discharge

Good morning,


Back in November when me and my partner had sex I bled a little bit, I called the doctor and they asked me to come in for an examination. I went in later that day and she couldn't see anything because of the blood and asked me to come back in a week when it should of all cleared up. I came back a week later and she examined me again and said I'm fine and that she cant see anything wrong but to use lubricants and if it happens again to come back.


Fast forward to last friday morning. It happened again  but this time there was more blood so I called the doctors who are triaging calls first due to covid. She called me back and said theres no point in asking me to come In today as she probably wouldnt  be able to see anything like the last doctor on that same day.  I know my smear test is due in June and we left the conversation with me calling back in a week to get examined. She then called  me back to say she has brought my smear test forward a few weeks and that she would like to get me booked as she is working that day so if the nurse doing it finds something not right then she can come on and look. 

Since I hung up that call last friday (9 days ago) I've been getting brown discharge everytime i wipe, theres not been alot but enough to panic me. Some days theyll be more and some days theres none but the whole getting it in the first place is freaking me out.


I'm on day 9 this morning and my smear test is in 4 days. The browny discharge this morning  had the  tiniest speckle of blood in it and I'm due on in 7 days.


No other symptoms, no pain, no itchiness, no weight loss, nothing else what so ever.


I'm up to date on my smears and have never missed one so I am totally confused and trying my best not to freak out.

I have googled and googled and googled but cant see this happening to anyone else.

13th Dec 16 went for a routine smear 

21st Dec 16 results high-grade severe dyskaryosis 

22nd colposcopy and biopsy Dr thinks cin3 I also had lletz treatment same day


Jan 10th 2017 received results all removed successfully and test of cure in 6 months  xx 

June -test of cure-all clear :)


May 2020- post coital bleeding after intercourse & spotting

June - smear test - nurse is pretty sure its etropion

June2020 love risk hpv neg result next smear in 3 years

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It is best not to google these things as it often leads up blind alleys, causes needless fear or is just plain frustrating.

 The most common first symptoms of cervical cancer are abnormal discharge and/or bleeding.  My first symptom was a watery, yellow (later it became pinky brown), non-itchy, odour free and pain free discharge which occurred on a daily basis and I had to wear panty liners to cope with it.  Quite a few other ladies on this forum, diagnosed with cervical cancer, describe their discharge as watery.

Statistically, smear tests prevent about 75% of cervical cancers and 90% of women who have LLETZ don't have any further problems with respect to cervical cell abnormalities/cancer. So the odds are in your favour although it's not impossible that you may have developed a cancer so it is good that your smear test has been brought forward.  There can be no promises but IF it is a cancer there's a good chance it is early stage and very cureable.

I know how scarey it is to be getting the type of symptoms you have; it's the not knowing that is particularly difficult so hopefully you will find out more soon.


  • Feb 04:  (age 47y) Smear test normal
  • Stopped going for smears!
  • Summer 16: persistent watery yellow vaginal discharge
  • Dec 16: post menopausal vaginal bleed
  • Jan 17: Hysteroscopy under GA for ?fibroids - abnormal cervix observed -multiple biopsies taken, 1B1  squamous  cell cc diagnosed - confirmed by MRI/PET scans
  • Feb 17: pelvic lymphadenectomy - nodes negative, Da Vinci radical hysterectomy- close anterior margin/LVSI/PNI, restaged to 2A
  • Apr/May 17: 6x chemo, 25x external radio, 2x brachy
  • May 20:  NED.  Various side effects notably hypotonic bladder since hysterectomy - ongoing ISC, unilateral lymphoedema lower abdo/groin/leg/ankle/foot