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Hey so not last Saturday the Saturday before I had a biopsy, I got a call this Tuesday just gone to book me in for an appointment, it has ended up with a phone appointment this Saturday morning. I am now really worrying. My friend had the same procedure as me and she just got a letter saying her biopsy is fine. The waiting game is hard, I just want to know what they need to talk to me about. At the appointment they said I would be discharged and now they want to discuss the results,  it has just scared the life out of me.

I dont even know what I'm looking for, maybe just getting it of my chest 🤷‍♀️


I can't help in terms of what they'll say but just want to say I understand about the waiting game!

I hope the results are as good as they can be but just remember that the doctors and nurses in hospitals are experts, best wishes x


Thank you xx


Hey Sammi,

sorry to hear how you are feeling, but believe me your feelings are valid as this is such an emotional time with all the uncertainty.

It's difficult as no amount of reassurance right now will help until you have more information. However, the important thing is that you went for your screening test and if there is something that needs to be treated, it's most likely that it is early stages and may just require a LLETZ or a cone biopsy and you will be good to go! All of the "what ifs" run through our heads right now, but over 90% of cervical cancers are prevented because of the screening process and because of being in the system and having these treatments. 
I hope when you have your call on Tuesday you feel better, even if you need treatment you will probably feel better once you know the situation.

take care and good luck


July 2020: Cervical smear, pain and bleeding after sex. Nurse saw an Ectropian on cervix

September 2020: Smear results HPV and high grade dyskaryosis

September 2020: Colposcopy and Biopsy showing CGIN and "small fragment invasive Malignancy".

September 2020: Cone Biopsy confirmed CGIN.

November 2020: contacted by Oncologist. Pathology revisited, actually Cancer. Returning 26/11/20 for another appointment.

stage 1a1 Cancer diagnosis. MRI 28/11/2020 to be 100% sure no lymph node involvement. 




yes definitely traumatising just waiting for a call, now I have wait until 23rd Nov!



So doctor did not ring, I got a call asking if I was outside for my appointment and I informed them that actually it is meant to be a phone app which they confirmed. Did not then hear anything so rung them back and apparently doctor tried to ring me, which he did not as I had the phone in my hand permanently all morning. Re booked me in for app on 23rd Nov. So because its that far away do you think I am right in assuming that it isn't that important? X

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