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I was diagnosed with cervical cancer yesterday. I've no idea yet of the stage. The only symptom I've had is occasional bleeding after sex. I'm waiting on an mri scan and a hysterectomy. I'm so scared. 

T L Evans


Hi lovely 

I didn't want to read and run as I really do understand that fear and I wanted to just say that this forum is an amazing place to share your feelings and worries and questions. It has got me through the last month.

It's such a shock at first but as things start to progress with scans and stuff you will start to accept it and feel more focused on what you need to do, and it's rarely as bad as how you will imagine it in your head.

Im a bit rubbish at what to say but if you need anything you feel free to drop me a PM. I hope you find this forum as comforting as I do.

take care xx

26/11/20 colposcopy + biopsy. Mass found but no further info given.

2/12/20 - diagnosed with squamous cell CC 

4/12/20 MRI scan 

10/12/20 appt with consultant - stage 2b - 3cm tumour with no apparent lymph node involvement 

19/12 - pet scan 

30/12 Pet Scan clear no lymph involvement 

 4/1 downgraded to 1b2 offered choice of RH or chemo/rads 

6/1 oncologist 1st appointment 

14/1 radiotherapy planning scan

26/1 chemorads started

1/3 chemorads done ✔️ 

3 brachytherapy weekly done






Hi, you've definitely come to the right place for support/reassurance... it took me a few days after diagnosis to find this forum, when I did, I spent many hours reading through posts and many helped put me at ease & helped instill some kind of positivity/strength at such a very bizarre time!!

Feel free to PM if you ever need a sounding board. Fingers firmly crossed they've found it early and it's easily treatable. I echo Rubyshoes re I'm not that great with what to say, however, what Rubyshoes wrote was perfect and very true re this Forum xx

September 2020: Smear

October 2020: Lletz procedure

December 2020: Dignosed adenocarcinoma Stage 1b1?

December 2020: MRI booked 30th - results show no sign of spread

February 2021: Radical Hysterectomy (incl Ovaries) and Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection

Kim K

How are you doing today, a few days on?

Were here for you x

03/08/20 - Routine Smear

14/09/20 - Colposcopy with LLETZ treatment 

08/10/20 - Diagnosed squamous cell carcinoma of Cervix 

21/10/20 - Confirmed stage IB1 after MRI and CT scan

9/11/20 - PET scan shows enlarged positive lymph nodes

28/11/20 - Laparoscopic lymph node removal and biopsy shows no metastic disease

29/12/20 - Radical hysterectomy with presevervation of both ovaries

07/01/2021 - Confirmation that tumour has been removed. In Remission! 




I got my diagnosis mid January, had my mri and ct last week. Can relate with what you're feeling. I honestly think no matter what treatment is to come nothing's gonna be as mentally rough as these weeks when all you know is that it's there. Not knowing the stage or spread is very rough. Every time my head goes to a bad place I try and focus on planning the "I'm cancer free" party I'll throw, in hopefully just a few months. 

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