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Wish I had some answers for you but don't know anything about lap and dye thing. I did have cervical erosion though which was cauterised and healed in 3 weeks. Do hope its all sorted for your special day - a wedding! I'll just go and buy a hat as Cilla used to say. Good luck :)

End May 2009 - colposcopy all clear, cauterised ectropian (cervical erosion). Smear.
Mid June 2009 - smear result positive CGIN
End June 2009 - colposcopy & diagnostic LLETZ
July 9 2009 - results all clear - mystery!
Mid July 2009 - smear/follow-up


just bumping myself up! :D


Sorry I can't offer advise but just wanted to wish you luck. I have had the same as you but have been told it's nothing to worry about for now! x

[size=85][color=#FF0000]26 Feb 09-1st smear
26 Mar 09-Results Severe Dyskaryosis
31 Mar 09-Colposcopy & Biopsy. Treatment delayed due to hols
Apr 09-Biopsy results confirm CIN3
26 May 09-LLETZ
Jun 09-Further examination, bloods & swabs by GP
Awaiting LLET



I had a lap and dye a while ago now for endometriosis. I went into hospital in the morning, had a general anaesthetic and was sent home at about 4 in the afternoon. I went home and straight to bed and do remember feeling a bit of pain (mostly from the gas that they put inside you!) that night. The next day I felt a bit better, but did not have to go to work as it was the school holidays and I was a teacher then. I am sure, that after several days I felt normal again but just had to be careful with lifting things or stretching as I did have a few stitches (3 I think!). These were removed after a couple of weeks, I cannot remember exactly how long, sorry! I would imagine that you would be fine for your wedding but do check with the hospital how long after the lay & dye they remove the stitches.

I hope this helps,



Hi again!

O.K. I've given it a bit more thought and I am sure the stitches were removed before 2 weeks as I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks after the lap & dye and did not know I was pregnant when they removed the stitches. Once the stitches were removed I was pretty much back to normal.

Anyway, hope this helps,



The actual lap should take about a week to get up and about, but the recovery time really depends on if they try and remove the endo and the extent of it and where it is situated. In my case I had my trach and the endo was discovered and some removed so it was a 7 hour op - of course I had the trachelectomy as well so it was an extreme case, but also my endo was an extreme case (don't ask me why no doctor ever considered I might have it after 20 years of symptoms) and attached to the bladder and bowel. So I had 10 weeks recovery (had planned about 8 maximum for the trach).

I agree with Lou about checking with timings and also if they might try and remove it there and then.

BUT so glad that they are taking you seriously. (And a little smug about suggesting in the first place :) )

Z x

1b3 Adenosquameous cell CC.Trachelectomy 18.11.05 (stage 4 Endo treated). Chemoradiation 03.06.[b][color=#BF0040]10.08.11 - discharged & cancer free[/color]![/b]

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Hi, thats interesting......will copy what ive just put on here............
'Hi all,
Just a query really, just wondering how people were doing 3/4 months after Lletz. I had mine end of March and cant say all sorted as yet. I know they took quite alot of my cervix because of the amount of cells(to all the newbie Lletz girls fear not! mine apparently was quite widespread etc not just to do with CIN3 status-apparently not that normal) I am very lucky to own a horse and did ride @ 4 weeks after Lletz but kind of struggle since(last week i decided to stop and gonna take 6 wks off from riding/exercise to see if gets better?)every time i do any form of horse riding, long walks or lifting heavy items i seem to exprience quite alot of discomfort, sometimes pain etc for few days after-it just doesnt seem to be improving that much...if at all?. How is everybody else getting on?, has anybody else experienced similar things-didnt know how usual this was?. I know they removed quite alot of my cervix so doc's said i may have split my scar tissue-however that was @ 2 months ago.....let us know how the rest of you are getting on. Just want to know if this is normal or if i sholud arrange to go back??? Would appreciate any feedback!!! (also want to send big hugs to all of you-think your all so fab and wonderful women and do feel a bit crap posting these little problems on when some of you are going through so much.....big hugs to you all!!!!!)

Is this something you experienced??? hmm maybe i should give them a call!? Really sorry cant offer advice as not been back yet....let us know how you get on and hope all fine.

Lots of Love
Zet xxx

Age 29- March 09 CIN3 and Lletz,
May 09 Lletz results confirmed as CIN 1,2 and 3-all removed.
To go back in 6 months(due October 09)


Hi there,

I've not had a lap and dye before and I don't know too much about the procedure so not sure this helps.

I had my trach 6 weeks before my wedding and I was pretty much fighting fit for the big day. We made the decision not to go on honeymoon, partly because we weren't sure how I would be feeling, but mainly because money was quite tight. We have not had a big trip since, but I finally get to go on what I'm calling me honeymoon in October this year (only 2 years too late). I don't think I'll be able to get any free upgrades - lol!!

Good luck for your op and congratulations for your wedding. I hope that you have the most amazing day - I'm sure you will.


Diagnosed with Stage 1a1 squamous cell CC
23.04.07 - Lletz
21.05.07 - Cone Biopsy
19.07.07 - Partial Trach - All clear
13.03.09 - TVC at 19 weeks
17.04.09 - Baby Millie born too early at 24+2 weeks