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How it works now

Your world might look a bit different because of coronavirus, but we're here to help you make sense of it.

Our How it works now series aims to help you navigate how our healthcare system works at the moment. It explores the changes to cervical screening (smear tests), colposcopy, cervical cancer care and more with information, real experiences and videos.

We'll add to this page as we learn more. Keep up to date by looking out for the logo! 



Blogs and experiences

Louise talks about going for a colposcopy appointment during the coronavirus pandemic.

Jasmine finished her cervical cancer treatment in January and was recovering as the UK went into lockdown. She shares her experience and tips.

Practice nurses explain safety measures at their surgeries and what these mean for their patients.

Hannah, our Support Services Officer, talks through common questions she hears on Helpline and how she reassures callers.


Get support

If you want to talk through any of these changes, we are here for you. You might like to call our Helpline on 0808 802 8000 or join our Forum to speak with others going through similar experiences.

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We're here for you

Talk to someone about how you’re feeling, ask an expert or connect with others.

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Date last updated: 
12 Jun 2020
Date due for review: 
14 May 2021
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