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2 1/2 year check up

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2 1/2 year check up

Hello ladies
I pray all is going well for all of you. I went to the doctor in September for my 2 1/2 year check up and got my vault smear and hpv test results back and all is good. I see my doctor again in six months.

Pray all is well :-)

Jan 2017-1b1 squamous cell

February 2017-radical hysterectomy path report showed parametrium spread and a parametrium  lymph node, restaged to 2b

March to May 2017- 5 chemo and 25 radiation

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Excellent news! Always such a good feeling getting through those check ups :-) I'm still on 3 month check ups, so far all ok fingers crossed XX 

Diagnosed 2B N0 M0 March 2018 28 external radiation 3 Brachytherapy 4 cisplatin


Yay! Fantastic news. 

Tess xx 

27/04/13 Smear severe Dyskaryosis.14/05/13 Colposcopy 24/05/13MRI Scan 31/05/13 diag CC stage 1B1 grade 2 Adenocarcinoma, Cold knife biospy under GA 19/06/13 CT scan and blood test Rad hyst booked for 11/07/2013. Histology found microscopic node involvement.  No further treatment required / wanted. All clear 05/08/2013. March 2019 recurrence, starting chemo rads 15-04-2019

September 2019
Recurrence, now palliative

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Hurrah for you!

Great news!

Be lucky :-)

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