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6 months post treatment NED, something hard felt inside?? Scar tissue?

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6 months post treatment NED, something hard felt inside?? Scar tissue?

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was my second checkup. Everything seems fine.
I have had no bleeding anymore since my treatment started, aside from when they take a papsmear. And thats minimal bleeding. Inside my vagina i can feel a little ripple of hard tissue of both side of the walls, near my cervix. Thats exactly where my vagina gets adhesions, which i open up with my finger now and then. My gyn wasnt sure if its scar tissue or something else, so took a papsmear, eventhough i had one done two weeks ago and it was all clear. I myself am not worried, its not bleeding even when i push against it.

Has anyone else have felt this little piece of hard tissue inside their vagina?? I must say i have been on top of keeping my vagina open, so sex never stopped, even during treatment and i use my dilator (size 3) every other day. I have no trouble or much pain during checkup. My cervix is still a bit inflamed, so deep inside it hurts a bit.

March 2019:

-Tumor discovered staged at 2b, squamous cell. No lymphnode involvement.

April/may 2019:

-Chemoradiation 5x/23x and interstitial brachy 4x

August 16 2019:

-First check up all clear, NED

November 2019:

- Second checkup: All clear (NED). Some hard tissue is felt, pap taken to be sure. Probably scar tissue.

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