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Abdominal Nerve damage

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Abdominal Nerve damage

Evening all

Just writing to see if anyone has experienced anything similar to myself.

I'm 7 weeks post op from RH and finally feel like im gettin control of my body again.  The one recurrent problem im having and im going to try my best to explain, is what feels like nerve pain.

So i wake up fine if only a little stiff, but as the day goes on from my belly button down I begin to feel as though when clothes or garments touch my skin its like there sandpaper. It makes me so irritable by the evening I walk around holding my nightie off my skin.

I've spoken to CNS and she thinks it is just nerves binding back and all the bruising going down but interested to know if anyone else has faced this.

Hope everyone is as well as can be 


27.05.2020 attended nurse apt due to unable to feel coil strings and slightly heavier than normal discharge

03.06.2020 colposcopy apt

10.06.2020 apt made for results (welcome to cc club)

15.06.2020 MRI scan

18.06.2020 MDT stage 1b2

25.06.2020 apt to meet surgeon and discuss treatment

15.07.2020 radical hysterectomy 

06.08.2020 no further treatment needed, follow up in 3 months




I'm pleased to hear you are feeling in control and getting through this. 

I too have felt a strange feeling. Like my waistband and top are like sandpaper on my skin. It doesn't last for long. But it is a very odd feeling. I just thought it was the radio but we have had different treatments.


Diagnosed CC 12.02.2020

Stage 3

Mri scan 19.02.2020

CT scan 25.02.2020

PET scan 02.03.2020

Stage 3c confirmed 05.03.2020

EUA 16.03.2020 - re staged to 3b :)

Chemorads start 06.04.2020

Chemorads end 08.05.2020

Brachytherapy starts 10.05.2020

Brachytherapy restarts 13.05.2020

All finished and back home 16.05.2020

13.08.2020 3 month MRI - results not quite all clear. 



After my trachelectomy I felt like that too where my scar was or near my lower abdomen. Even now 4 years on I can't wear certain pairs of jeans as they seem to chaffe the area. Not sure if that helps but you are not alone. It definitely got better but I do find myself feeling more comfortable in higher waisted trousers now.

2010 clear

2013 wrongly reported clear, moderate changes later found during audit in 2017

2016 Oct 13 - early stage cancer diagnosis

Oct 31 Cone Biopsy

Nov 16 staged 1B1 decided on trachelectomy 

Nov 21 trach and lymph node removal

Dec 7 results all clear 

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