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After cancer diagnosis, follow up checks

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After cancer diagnosis, follow up checks

Hi everyone

I was diagnosed with 1a squamous cervical cancer earlier this year. I have had 2 follow-ups since and both have come back with clear smears; however, I was told both times they would check for HPV and each time I got my report, there was no mention of it and the doctor said he didn't receive results for that. Does anyone by chance know if it assumed that if your smear is normal, you don't have HPV or should I continue to follow up with the doctor and ask that we make sure they tested for this and get the results? 

Thanks and I am so thankful for this website where we can support and help each other get through this difficult phase of life.



Sep 2018- Abnormal Pap Smear- HSIL while pregnant

Oct 2018- Coloscopy/punch biopsy- suggests CIN3

Feb 2019- Cone biopsy under GA- confirms clear margins with the removal of CIN 3 and a microinvasive 1a1 scc

Apr 2019- first smear clear

May 2019- MRI scan- results are clear

July 2019- second smear and biopsy, clear, HPV negative

Oct 2019- third smear- clear

Jan 2020- fourth smear- clear


If they tested it, it would be on the report. I had to ask my oncologist to test it since its apparently not routine. They just focus on the pelvic exam. 

After my radical hysterectomy a yr ago, the exam was normal but hpv was positive. After I had a recurrence 4 months after surgery(found out during a second opinion), I had to have chemo and radiation. I delayed 3 months coz I wad terrified and in denial.

 I just finished 5 chemo and 33 radiation treatments 2 months ago at MD Anderson cancer ctr in Houston Texas and my oncologist told me the radiation will likely kill the hpv. Sure enough, when I went home I was curious and bought an at home hpv test a month ago and result was "not detected". They test for about a dozen high risk strains. So relieved!!

I'll ask them to test me to verify at my next checkup next month. I also got the Gardasil 9 vaccine even though I'm in my 40s!! I'm not taking any chances!!

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