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Another infection and possible Lymphoedema

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Another infection and possible Lymphoedema

Hi ladies. Feeling a tad fed up and wondered if anyone can give me any positive vibes going forward. 5th jan I  had rad hyst with lymph node removal but kept overies. 9 weeks later ended up in a&e with sepsis couldn’t stand or wee, swollen tummy 2 days on antibiotics drip and two weeks of antibiotics.  Exactly 9 weeks later it’s back. But caught it early so another two weeks antibiotics swollen and sore lower groin and right thigh. Waiting on ct results to see what’s causing it.  Has anyone had this or any experience?  Consultant thinks I may have Lymphoedema but does that explain the infection? Just looking for some positive feedback we are taking the kids to Disney world on a life time holiday in 3 weeks and feel so anxious about my health.  Any help would be most grateful.  Xxxx


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