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Anxious about VIN after CC

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Anxious about VIN after CC

Hi everyone. 

I’m really sorry if I am posting this on the wrong forum. 

I am freaking out a bit. 

A bit if history, in 2013 I was diagnosed with 1B1 cervical cancer which was treated with surgery. In 2015 required further treatment however since then everything seems to be okay and I was put on annual checks. 

First annual check completed this month and mentioned that I had found a lump on my vulva which I was given antibiotics to deal with it by my doctor. This didn’t work. Anyhow mentioned to my consultant and he said it’s VIN. wants to see me in October to possibly do a biopsy and back to three monthly checks which is great I am being monitored however all weekend I have felt swollen and really itchy down there and it’s really scaring me. 

Any advise would be gratefully received. 


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