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Anyone had a kidney stent?

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Anyone had a kidney stent?


I have metastatic cancer in my para aortic lymph nodes and a blocked/swollen kidney.  I am waiting referral for palliative options one which i believe is a kidney stent.  Has anyone had one?  What is the procedure like and have they been successful for pain and easing swelling on kidney?


My main aim is quality of life rather than quantity and am looking only at things to ease symptoms.

Thanks if you can help.


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I can’t be of any help I’m afraid but I’m sure if you request to join the advanced section of this forum the ladies will be able to offer you advice on the stent and also support you. I believe they are a lovely group of ladies with a wealth of knowledge x

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I had a kidney stent for a short time. The procedure was relatively painless aside from a couple minutes as he had to pierce through some scar tissue. The relief came very quickly when the kidney started draining. The swelling can last awhile but its pain free when it starts draining. I hope it all goes well for you ❤

September 2015 diagnosed stage 4 with lymph node involvement

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30 external radiation combined with weekly cistplatin and 5 brachytherapy

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October 2016 pet scan and mri: All clear!

March 2017 pet scan: NED

June 2017: still NED

October 2017 MRI/CT NED

February 2018: still NED

PET/MRI April 2018 still NED

May 2018 stent placement for swollen kidney and dilated ureter

August 2018 PET scan still NED

February 2019 Ureter reconstruction surgery and scans show NED

August 2019 CT scan NED

November 2019 check up Lesions found and awaiting laser removal

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