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Back pain not helped by rest

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Back pain not helped by rest

Hi all,

Just freaking out and need a bit of support/info...

Had a recent gynae visit because of bleeding before period and pains in leg and back. Doctor took a look at my cervix and said all looked fine and he wasn’t worried (my last clear smear was in February), but ordered a CT scan ‘to help us explain the pain’. What is freaking me out now is that my back pain is not helped by lying down: I sleep with a wet compress but still feel the dull, heavy pain at night. Have of course consulted Dr Google and all the sites say that’s a ‘more serious’ symptom that suggests spinal tumours. So now I have a week and a half to go before my scan and am sick with worry. :(

I hate this cancer stuff so much!!



Diagnosed June 2013 stage 1b squamous cell CC

Radical trachelectomy June 2013 

July 2013 all-clear



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