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Bleeding after Brachy

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Bleeding after Brachy

Is this normal? 

Mum bled a lot pre diagnosis which stopped about 2 weeks in to treatment. Then after Brachy she started bleeding again. Is this normal? Will it calm down? She is three weeks post treatment and getting better day by day. Oncologist has told her tumour is shrinking but worried as the pesky bleeding has started again almost immediately after she had Brachy 


I was exactly the same as your mum  I'm 2 years post treatment now n all  clear scans my bleeding stop a few weeks after brachy she is  nearly there now then time  to  let her body heal xxx


Brachytherapy made me bleed as well! I’m not surprised given how much they blast your cervix with radiation. I’ve been told bleeding is normal for up to 9 months post treatment. I’m 5 months post treatment and still have bleeding from my cervix, at the end of my dilator when I use it. But they keep examining me and telling me it’s totally normal. 

Best of luck to your mom - she’s in the home stretch!!

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