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bleeding during sex

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bleeding during sex

me and my husband had sex for the first time since my radical hysterectomy and I started bleeding like before I had my operation, now am worrying, should i phone my specialist nurse, i dont really want to go to my gp as he didn't refer me when i went with this before I got diagnosed with cervical cancer


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I would say calling your gynae nurse is a good idea if you are worried, they may be able to reassure you if it is something they have seen before. 

October 2019 - smear test

November 2019 - results back; hpv with severe dyskaryosis, colposcopy organised.

November 2019 - colposcopy biopsy taken - confirmed abnormal cells

December 2019 - lletz performed

Jan 2020 - called in: confirmed I have cancer

Tests run through Jan and Feb. During this time went through fertility treatment; 5 eggs frozen.

End Feb - confirmed stage 2b CC (updated info, staging changed to stage 3 invlving lymph nodes)

Treatment starts March - 28 external radio/5 chemo/4 brachy

Only sat 3 chemo after developing tinnitus

April 25th - finished brachytherapy

July 2020 - MRI

Awaiting results



My gynae Cons told me, that if I experience amy problems / bleeding / discomfort after or during sex I should ring my Cancer Specialist Nurse not my GP. I haven't tried yet after my radical hysterectomy as I am too affraid! 

Hope this helps


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