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Borderline results after trachelectomy

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Borderline results after trachelectomy

hi I was just after a bit of advice and to check if anyone else has had the same 

I had trachelectomy for 1B1 adenocarcinoma in 2015 and have had 5 smears since. First 4 all came back completely clear.

last one was done in April and was done alongside a biopsy to test for scar tissue.

hpv result came back negative and the biopsy came back as scar tissue. Smear came back borderline changes :(

the hospital aren’t bothered at all which I was quite surprised by and said to go back in a year but I refused this and got an appointment for 6 months time.

anyone else had borderline changes years after diagnosis? Is it possible the scar tissue could have affected the result and that is what the borderline result actually is? 

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