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Burning after LLETZ treatment

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Burning after LLETZ treatment

Hi everyone!

I recently had my LLETZ procedure 2 weeks ago, and at first was spotting and was completely normal. About 3 days ago I had to have an emergency appointment with my doctor as I was suffering with a fever, pain and was bleeding more heavily, the doctor prescribed me 2 antibiotics because of course it seems like an infection. But I’m also having UTI symptoms even though my sample came up clear, the burning feeling and burning when I wee. I’m not sure if it’s because of wearing sanitary towels 24/7, or if there is anything else that is irritating me.

Has anyone else had the same problem, and if so any advice would be amazing as I’m in so much pain right now.

Age - 25 First smear : 19.07.2019 Results : Severe, high grade dyskaryosis Colposcopy: 19.09.19 Results : CIN3 LLETZ : 23.10.19 Still awaiting hospital results.
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Because you are on antibiotics and wearing sanitary towels (STs) 24/7 it's possible you may have developed a yeast infection; my yeast infections usually felt very itchy - like 'ants in your pants'.  Whenever you have a chance let some air get to your lady parts.  Can you leave off the STs at when you're in bed - maybe put a towel under you if you're concerned about soiling the bed.  Don't use anything perfumed, no bubble bath, soap etc in the nether regions as they can irritate,  I use salty water to gently clean myself when I'm feeling at all uncomfortable.  The pain might just be because you have a bacterial infection from the LLETZ, which hopefully will soon get sorted by the antibiotics.  The fact it burns when you wee might be because the vagina and urethra are very close together.

As it's the weekend, if the pain is really unbearable and/or you're very worried you can always call 111 (I'm assuming you're in the UK) for advice.  Or you could ask a pharmacist for suggestions, either a late opening one tonight or wait until tomorrow.


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