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Changing staging

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Changing staging

I was staged 1b1 with lymph node involvement in june19 went to gyno onco today and he told me I’m stage 3c.
I have already had a RH and chemo radiation.
When they told me nodes were involved (didn’t show up on petct but pathology after surgery) they said it doesn’t change your staging!
I feel like I don’t know what to believe now.
It was 2 different onco but the same hospital.

Anyone else been told there staging changed or didn’t?



I can't comment on your actual circumstances because I'm still waiting for my pathology. I just didn't want to read and run, have they said your all clear or wanting you to have more treatment? If they are happy they have received it all then maybe they stage change doesn't make to much difference. Fingers crossed all is ok for you x


  • 5th June 19 - smear
  • 15th July - High grade dyskaryosis/?invasive carcinoma 
  • 23rd July - colposcopy, LLETZ biopsy taken
  • 6th September - Met the consultant to discuss results. Stage 1A2 confirmed, unclear margins on biopsy. Unable to perform 2nd LLETZ due to alot of cervix being taken away on previous biopsy.
  • Hysterectomy booked for 15th October
  • Pre-op done 11th October, all good to go for next week!

Total Hysterectomy completed with ovarian conservation. Waiting for pathology report.

All clear - vault smear due in 6 months

May 2020 - Vault smear shows HPV positive, cytology clear but booked for another Colposcopy


hi, I had this! My staging has now been reverted back to what it was originally so worth double checking with yours. The reason for the confusion is because the FIGO staging was ammended in January! Anyone diagnosed after that going forward with lymph node involved will automatically be 3C1 or 3C2 depending on which nodes light up. There seems to be a cross over period however with some trusts not being as up to date/haven't rolled out the new staging. I was told that it doesn't change anything for you as you've already had your treatment it's just a change in the terminology around your staging! Hope this clears it up for you xx

  • Nov 17 to August 18 - Abnormal bleeding throughout pregnancy. Deemed to be pregnancy related.
  • October 18 - post c section infection - examined by GP
  • November 18 - developed discharge and heavier periods which gp said was normal and give myself time to heal
  • Jan 19 - abnormal pelvic exam
  • Feb 19 - Following MRI & PET/CT diagnosed stage 2b adenosquamous with lymph node involvement
  • march 19 - ovarian transposition (ovaries still within radiation field :-( so will lose all function!)
  • April/May 19 - 5wks chemoradiation and 3x brachytherapy August 19 - NED

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