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Check up time!

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Check up time!

Hey all! Just wanted to check in to say I had my check up this morning and all went well thankfully 💙 I will see them again in May! I was diagnosed 2B in early 2018 and just wanted to come back and update xx 


Diagnosed 2B N0 M0 March 2018 28 external radiation 3 Brachytherapy 4 cisplatin


Great news! Have a little celebration secure in the knowledge that you don't have to see anyone for a while.

x Maria



Diagnosed CC 01st August 2019 Stage 1b2 with 1 local lymph node involved. Something else showed up on pet scan. Treatment delayed for surgery, done on September 9th. Found to be a simple ovarian cyst, 1 ovary and tube removed. Treatment plan 5 chemo, 25 radio and 4 brachy. Treatment start date 02nd October 2019. Treatment end date 8th November.

February 2020 3 month scans NED

August 2020 9 Month scans NED



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