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Coming up to 11 years post treatment

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Coming up to 11 years post treatment

Hi Just a quick line to say there is a normal life after cervical cancer, I know at times you think there will never be a day that you do not have a cancer head, but there will. All of us look forward to the 2 year mark, I think that is the first time I breathed!! And then the next goal is the five year mark, in between there are days you forget, and there are days when side effects from treatment, put you back into that dark place, for a while, but it goes.

I remember joining Jo's in 2010 there seemed to be so many more ladies posting, perhaps with the hpv vaccine cervical cancer is less common now I certainly hope so. I will never forget the support I had at the time from Jo's, it was a go to place for me, sometimes just to read other experiences, other times to join in conversations pick up tips, and laugh and cry together.

There were some sad days too I was diagnosed at age 63, and so many very young girls aged 22 24 19 lost their battle i felt guilty for living and them not even having a chance at life, I remember their names Midnight Sky  Mercomerco Charle veryscared. and so many more.

So here I am 74 still plodding on, the sun is shining the sky is blue and I am going for a walk up the fields to look at the horses, The best things in life are free just look around you x


How lovely to see you posting, thank you for sharing. I am so pleased to see you are doing well 

28-8-2019 diagnosed grade 2 squamous 2B 4 cm tumor Mri suspect lymphe nodes but pet scan Shows no lymph nodes 25 radio extended field, 6 chemo and 4 brachy finished October 29 2019

A really lovely post, thank you for sharing your encouraging thoughts  ❤

Feb 2020: smear = high grade dyskariosis

March 2020: biopsy = CIN3

April 2020: lletz = cervical cancer stage 1b1 (1b2 on new FIGO)

May 2020: radical hysterectomy and lymphadenectomy. NED!

September 2020: first follow up. NED!


Lovely post! Thank you for coming back to share your story. Good to hear the success stories especially after so many years. 

X Maria

Diagnosed CC 01st August 2019 Stage 1b2 with 1 local lymph node involved.

Something else showed up on pet scan. Treatment delayed for surgery, done on September 9th. Found to be a simple ovarian cyst, 1 ovary and tube removed.

Treatment plan 5 chemo, 25 extended field radio and 4 brachy. Treatment start date 02nd October 2019. Treatment end date 8th November.

February 2020 3 month scans NED

August 2020 9 Month scans NED

February 2021 15 Month scans NED

Extensive bladder damage seen on mri and damage to sigmoid colon.




Hi Katie63

Thank you for your positive post; I find your post very reassuring, given that I was 55 before I had any problems; like you I feel very blessed that I didn't have to face the worry when I was younger like many of the women on here - I also feel fortunate that my scare turned out to be less scary than they originally thought - my main problem is how to get rid of the fear in the back of my mind because of the discrepancy; I do feel much calmer than I did before and I think the end of lockdown may help me to move on. My heart goes out to those on you on here who have had to face much worse and many of you younger than my own daughter. I agree the best things in life are free and I now appreciate the good things more. I really hope that the HPV vaccine will help to make the numbers on here fewer as the years progress. 

Abnormal smear hpv & severe high grade dyskaryosis lletz Sept 2019 polyp & nabothian cyst. Results hpv & mild cell changes polyp innocent Repeat colposcopy Dec 2019 test of cure January 2020 no high risk HPV present , colposcopy June because of discrepancy between initial smear & lletz- June 2020 colposcopy  all clear; next smear in 3 yrs August 2020 post menopausal bleed; TV scan; bleed hrt related & found small ovarian cyst said will check in 4 months; Letter from hospital saying no longer needed 4 month check as cyst under 2cm & contact them if I develop pain (if cyst bursts?)


Thank you for sharing katie63. I needed to hear this. Glad you are doing well x 

Aug 2019 - referred for colposcopy following routine smear

Sept 2019 - LLETZ biopsy showed CGIN high grade abnormal cell changes

Oct 2019 - Diagnosed with cervical cancer (adenocarcinoma) aged 31 ?1a1 but unclear margins

Nov 19 - MRI and 2x further LLETZ biopsies to guide treatment, re-staged as 1b1

Dec 2019 - Pelvic lymphadenectomy

Dec 2019 - Lymph nodes clear - no further treatment required at present; ongoing 3 monthly monitoring. Strongly recommended to have hysterectomy in coming years due to CC and BRCA1 mutation 

Jan 2020 - diagnosed with lymphoedema to left groin


Thank you for your words of encouragement and support. 

06 Jan 20 massive bleed. 7 feb 20 smear came back highly differentiated severe dyskolious. 14 Feb biopsies taken. 21st Feb cc cells found. 22 Feb 20 told poorly differentiated squamous cell. 28 Feb staged at 2a. Tumour is 2.4mm/9mm 6 March restaged at 3c due to 3 lymph node involvement - x1 2cm. 12 Mar 20 met oncologist - told me coronavirus will probably kill me before cc does. 18 March 20 pre scan booked.

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