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Corona risk

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Corona risk

Hi all,

does anyone know if being post trac/chemoradiation (four years ago now) would put me into the at risk category for corona virus ? Ie does it impact my immune system etc. I don't get ill more than normal now I don't think but as a teacher am still going into work and wondered what you all thought ?thanks




November 2015 abnormal smear followed by colposcopy and loop cone biopsy

December 2015 CC 1b1 diagnosed 

February 2016 Radical Trachelectomy

March 2016 told microscopic cancer cells were found in one lymph node - recommended further treatment (chemo/radio)

April 2016 froze 9 embryos. Considering potential surrogacy

June 2016 5 chemo 28 radiotherapy . Not easy esp with a baby who wakes early but im getting better 


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