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Crushing News

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Crushing News

Hi ladies


I had my 3.5 year post treatment check-up appointment last Tuesday.  I was a bit nervous beforehand partly because I was waiting on results of a CT-scan.


Well, cancer wise it seems so far so good however it was distressing to learn that the scan showed osteoporotic crush fractures to my vertebrae L4 and L5.  Maybe this goes some way to explain why I often wake up with a stiff achey lower back.  I'm in my 60s and there is a family history of osteoporosis but my gynae-onc said that the pelvic radiotherapy treatment has probably contributed to the problem.


I'm being referred to my GP for further investigations of my bones.  Just thought I'd share and maybe connect with others who've had a similar experience.



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Hi Jazza

I dont have relevant experience to share but I just popped by to say I am so sorry to learn of this new complication you've had diagnosed. I know you have mentioned backache and stiffness in previous posts but you must be understandably disappointed to have received this news. 

From a cancer perspective its brilliant that you remain in remission, and I hope now that these crush fractures have been identified there will be something that can be done to make you more comfortable. 

Sending a great big hug your way xXx

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Hi Jazza,

The gift that keeps on giving :( I'm sure there's no doubt that the radiotherapy has had a part to play. So sorry to hear this! I really have no experience/knowledge of bone problems but I sincerely hope there is something that can be done to improve things. Happy to hear you remain cancer free, one less thing to worry about. Here for you if you ever need to chat.

X Maria

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Hi Jazza 

I don't have experience of this but just wanted to say I'm sorry to hear this news although it is good news that you are still cancer free. You have been through so much. It must be so frustrating for you. Feel free to have a good rant on here. 

A x

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