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Enlarged ovaries

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Enlarged ovaries


A bit of background of my treatment. In Feb this year I had a radical hysterectomy keeping my ovaries I went on to have 5 weeks of radiation followed by 2 brachytherapy. 

I have just had the results of my first post treatment CT scan back and whilst there was nothing sinister to report (so relieved as I have been having quite a bit of pelvic/back pain) my consultant has said that both of my ovaries seem to be enlarged which she seems to think is the cause of my pain. She did say that she doesn’t think that it’s anything sinister but it is going to an MDT meeting next week to see if any of the other consultants can shed some light as to why this is happening. 

She did go on to say that it is potentially because I had PCOS prior to having cancer and since I’ve had everything else removed that it could just be that flaring up. 

I just wondered if anyone else has had anything similar happen to them?

Alice xx

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