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Feeling so confused

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Feeling so confused

At the end of January I was called about my smear results showing high grade severe cells and high risk HPV.

I was sent for a colposcopy within 10 days (bloody smear had taken 7 weeks to come back)

My colposcopy she said yes she can see a few tiny patches of cells but everything looked nice and healthy.

12 days later I got a call asking me to go into the hospital immediately to discuss results and further treatment (prompt nervous breakdown).

First thing she says is please don't worry, you're not going to die. ūüėĮ

So it turns out there was microscopic areas of very early cancer within the high grade cells that they removed. Consultant happy with the margins so don't need another lletz at this time.

My feelings are so all over the place because I've just been told "oh you had cancer and we removed it so don't really need to acknowledge it", despite the fact that I am now under the oncologist and gynaecologist for 3 years at least, every smear is now a colposcopy and the fact that my next bad smear will prompt a discussion about a hysterectomy....but I'm meant to just be relieved and happy (which of course I am) but I'm so emotionally drained about it all ūüíĒ


Any advice? X



It must have been a huge shock to you and it's understandable that you are feeling emotionally drained!

Could you contact Macmillan nurses for someone to speak to ?


Hi I was in the same situation.. I did smear then cameback high severe  dysplasia  did colposcopy right away then result was the same... my OB scheduled me for cone biopsy right away..  turned out I had early stage cancer  margins came back clear but she refered  me to a gyno/oncologist  we did pet scan and Mri both scan result still showing I could have another lesion  deeper in my cervix so far every thing is confined in the cervix no spread in nearby organs or lymp nodes...I am now book for robotic radical trachelectomy  and lymphadenectomy and cerlage to preserve my fertility on March 3rd.. My oncologist  wants to remove my cervix to be 100% sure!!! im glad that my OB sent me to an oncologist  even I had a clear margins or my next visit  wouldve been in 6 months cancer could spread who knows where!!  I am glad that you dont have to do another treatment but if you were diagnosed  with early cancer I would recommend  that you get mri or pet scan!!  sometimes the lesions skip  its better to see it now than later.. Good luck with everything!!!

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