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First Check Up - All Clear!

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First Check Up - All Clear!

Just thought I would report back to say that I have had my three month check up post treatment and I have received the all clear!  

I still can't quite believe it what a rollercoaster I have been on this year. Still feels very surreal and as if it all happened to somebody else and I was looking on.

I would like to look into some forms of counselling now as I feel I never really got the chance to grieve for our little boy as the diagnosis took over.  So that is my next step.

A huge thank you to all of you who helped me on this journey from my inital first post to all through out my treatment.  You are amazing ladies!  I will continue to pop in and attend my local support group.

To those of you newely diagnosed or going through treament I wish you all the best Jo's is a great place and you will find lots of help and support here.

Lisa x





Miscarriage at 5 1/2 months Mass found biopsy taken 13/4/12
MRI,PET Scan, EUA, Biopsy Results Tumour 5cm 1B2 Rare Glassy Cell 2/5/12
Chemo/Radiation for 5 1/2 weeks & Brachytherapy 11/6/12
Treatment Finished 26/7/12 3 Month check up 22/10/12 ALL CLEAR!


So pleased for you thats fantastic news x x

1st ever abnormal smear 15th aug Lletz 21st aug Diagnosed adenosquamous 6/9/12 stage 1b1 grade 3 radical hysterectomy 11/10/12 26/10/12 1 positive lymph node 19/11/12 - 20/12/12 chemo/rads

20/09/19 lower leg swelling after long-haul flight. 07/12/19 Gastroscopy/colonoscopy 18/12/19 biopsies clear

Abdominal CT scan 28/01/20 results clear 12/02/20 


Congratulations, I'm so pleased for you. What a year you have had! I'm sure you're looking forward to seeing 2012 out & welcoming 2013 in. I hope you're able to find good support to help you understand and cope with what you've been through, I can't begin to imagine you've had to cope with so much more than most of us here.

I hope you have the happy times ahead of you that you deserve.

Here's to many many more 'all clear check ups'.

With love, Lisa x x

Abnormal smear 10.08.12 | Colposcopy 16.08.12 - took biopsy of cancerous looking polyp | Diagnosed Adenocarcinoma 22.08.12 1a2 | Chest X-ray 23.08.12 | MRI 30.08.12 | Cone biopsy & lymph node removal 03.10.12 |
All clear 23.10.12
Check-up #1 14.03.13
MRI Result #1 11.06.13 - ALL CLEAR

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That is fantastic news! I hope this allows you to move forward and start grieving for your little angel.

Each check up gets better and better, I've just had the 'normal' result from my checkup MRI that's a huge hurdle.

Take care of yourself x x x

Diagnosed CC 19th Jan 2012 MRI 31st Jan 2012 Staged 1B1 8th February 2012 Radical Trachelectomy and Lymph Node Dissection 23rd February 2012 6th March - Clear Margins and Negative Nodes!!! 3/6 month checkup May/Aug 2012 - CLEAR 16th October - MRI Scan - NORMAL! #overcoming hurdles#

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