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Getting back to life

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Getting back to life

Hi everyone,
I finished treatment on the 13/09.
I was 1b1 with node involvement.

I have had 2 appointments with oncologist since treatment ending and don’t have my next appointment until February 2020.
Getting on with life between now and February like it all never happened is so strange.

I feel constantly scared it’ll come back because of the lymph node involvement.
Everyone I read about comes back as stage 4b.
My doctor told me all stages are curable except 4b.

I know some people never have it come back b it I feel more do then don’t.

I don’t really know what I’m after I’m just so tired of feeling this way.

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  1. Hi Kimberly,

I think we all know how you feel. We have all been there. There is lots of women on here (and out there) who had higher stages with node involvement, that pulled through and are living their life. Try to be positive, i know how hard it is, but try. The chemo has gone through your entire body, including the nodes, and because they knew it was in your nodes, the radiation has been adjusted to it so they got blasted. I know you read more about recurrences, than about positive outcomes, but that is because everyone who was cured is living their life. Only the women who have recurrence are still on here looking for support. And women who were just diagnosed or are still on checkups etc. Theres only a few longtime survivors still active on here. Just think positive, eat healthy to help your immune system, take some vitamines and curcumin and ginseng capsules. Be happy, you got a second chance at life! Love, Laura

March 2019:

-Tumor discovered staged at 2b, squamous cell. No lymphnode involvement.

April/may 2019:

-Chemoradiation 5x/23x and interstitial brachy 4x

August 16 2019:

-First check up all clear, NED

November 2019:

- Second checkup: All clear (NED). Some hard tissue is felt, pap taken to be sure. Probably scar tissue.

God promises to make something good out of the storms that bring devastation to your life

- Romans 8:28


Hi Kimberley,

I think this feeling is the same for everyone, it certainly is for me.  I was 1b1(no node involvement) and have recovered well from a radical hysterectomy however the fear of the cancer returning is still there and doesn't seem to be getting any better.  Every ache and pain puts me me straight into panic mode. I'm constantly worried about a recurrence, so much so that I have started having panic attacks.  It's definitely a mental battle.   x 

1st April - colposcopy and lletz

13 May - told cc

29 May - CT and MRI

12 June - staged 1a2, need another lletz to confirm treatment

24 June - 2nd LLETZ, awaiting confirmation of treatment.  Restaged 1b1.

3 Sept - laparoscopic modified radical hysterectomy(retained1 ovary)

19 Sept - pathology confirmed no lymph node involvement and NED, no further treatment required.  3 month follow ups...



Just want to say your not alone. I am also 1b with node involment. I've just had my first scan and waiting my results. To say I'm an anxious mess is an understatement. I rang my nurse yesterday as im convinced it's still in my lymph nodes! She said they would have zapped during radio so not to worry, easier said than done. I also worry about reoccurrence because of the node involvement. So I suppose I just wanted to let you know I feel the same. I have good days and bad days. Last night I went round my friends for a glass of gin and had a fab time.

we are here with you and you are not alone.

live you best life as who knows what's around the corner for any of us. Xxx

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